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OCTOBer 03, 2018Posted by JW

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You are interested in Vincent van Gogh, his life and his art? We share your passion for the great Dutch artist who in many respects laid the foundations of modern art and whose personal life was so closely connected with his existence as an artist.

May we firstly introduce ourselves to you:

wildegans & kaufmann

We are two German academics, living and working in Hamburg/Germany:
Dr.phil. Hans Kaufmann, studied General History, French, Philosophy and Pedagogics at the Universities in Freiburg and Hamburg; and
Dr.phil. Rita Wildegan studied art history and archeology at Universität Hamburg.

In September 2008, after years of research, we published a German book about the lives and workings of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, particulary their brief collaboration in Arles in 1888:

Hans Kaufmann/Rita Wildegans:
Van Goghs Ohr – Paul Gauguin und der Pakt des Schweigens; Berlin (Osburg) 2008; ISBN 978-3-940731-14-2; quoted as "Kaufmann/Wildegans 2008".

While results have found significant resonance in the world press1, they have not been embraced by the established art historians specialised on Van Gogh.

ISBN 978-3-940731-14-2

Unfortunately, the German edition of our book is sold out. Only the Czech edition (without illustrations) is still available2.
Since, there is no English edition of the book yet, this internet presence gives you a summary of our findings.

There is a tv documentary about our work. This short overview in german is subtitled in english:

Regie: Andreas Gräfenstein, ARTE Edition

You may navigate quickly through the question and answer section to the right or
take the tour by starting from the beginning.

We welcome your comments, ideas or criticism. To reach to us, please fill out the contact form.


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2. Hans Kaufmann, Rita Wildegans: Van Goghovo ucho; Praha (Grada Publishing, a.s.) 2013; ISBN 978-80-247-4395-0